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The Youth program at the Centre focuses on offering support in areas of social and emotional wellbeing. It assists in providing skills so that the participants can develop more self awareness and also become engaged in the community either entering into further education or employment.

Through the work with the horses, the young people learn new ways to communicate, build trust without expectation and become aware of boundaries and body cues through reading the energy of the horses. This is all done in a non-threatening way with a basis of play and fun.

The participants are given activities which they have rarely or never experienced before and which involve these beautiful and very large animals. Old patterns of behavior and coping skills are no longer effective in this setting. Therefore, new ways need to be learned so that participants can keep themselves safe and also help the horses at the Centre. The young people work towards developing a trusting relationship with a horse under the guidance of the Centre’s facilitator. This involves understanding body language, the mind body connection, the art of being present and creativity.

The learning taken from the program is transferable to the participant’s life outside the Centre. The aim for the students is to take away a deeper awareness of themselves. This includes how they appear to others, their role in relationships and how to form trusting relationships through understanding boundaries and developing their listening skills.



Horse Vision Centre has a  successful ongoing partnership program with Geographe Training. Geographe Training is an engagement program offered at the Busselton Senior High School. The program runs for a 4 week period and offered 8 students the opportunity to spend time with the horses. Through this process the young people form relationships with the horses based on trust, listening and awareness. They go away with skills that they could incorporate into their everyday life at work, home and school. This program is made possible through funding from the Busselton branch of Bendigo Bank. We look forward to our future partnership with both Geo Training and Bendigo Bank.

Jennifer Swallow

Youth Program CoOrdinator


To whom it may concern,
I was involved with the Horse Vision Centre as part of a partnership with my current employer Lamp Inc. The program was incredibly beneficial not only for me but also for the young people involved.
This program promoted confidence and resilience within myself and the participants and allowed the building of self esteem. Through our individual journeys we were able to discover what we were capable of and focus on what we could do rather than what we were unable to. We were given the opportunity to participate in activities as we felt comfortable to do so, thus allowing an increased self awareness without a pressured environment.
The activities were fun, exciting and relaxing, and at the end of each session all were reluctant to leave. Through the recognition of their own skills and abilities the young people involved have now made positive choices in their lives having a new found confidence to do so. The lessons that were learnt through the activities are transferrable to all areas of our lives encouraging us to grow and prosper. The development of relationships between participants and with the horses was positive, beneficial and practical.
The evaluation that was received at the conclusion of the program was all positive, with all participants stating that they would like to be involved again. I felt that this program was incredibly beneficial for the young people but also gave me an opportunity to learn a great deal about myself, my boundaries and confidence. I learnt how to have a clear mind and remain positive.
The program had an overall healing effect allowing young people the opportunity to learn to love laugh and play again. The young people learned the benefits of being committed, reliable and consistent through the length of the course.
I would not hesitate to be a part of this program again, and feel that the activities could have a positive effect on a range of people.


Student , Geo Training

Recently I was going to the Horse Vision program to get hours for my work experience and to pass the Certificate Two in General Education for Adults. The Horse Vision program helped me with communication. I am ok with it I just lose the words in my mouth and can’t find them. All the horses, but mainly Guinness helped me get better at communicating properly with other.

The crew at Horse Vision are great; they helped me to overcome my fear of heights when being on a horse. I found it hard at the start to make a real connection with the horses but with all the exercises we did and with the team I made it eventually. I think that if you are unsure of going, give it some thought and just think of how you can benefit from it and you will find out. Communication is a big deal in my life and going to the horses fixed the thing I could not do myself. It also gave me ideas on how I can soon help myself in the future when it comes to communicating with people.

We gave the horses help with activities that they could not do and in turn they helped us. Again if you are not sure that is fine, you just need to give it a try because you can’t judge it until you try it. And once you try it you will love it.


Student , Geo Training

Hi. I’m Steven I’m 17 and have been out at Horse Vision for over a year. I now feel more confident and more knowledgeable from working with the horses and Chris. I have learnt to be more calm and strong with the horses.

I found I had a really good connection with one of the horses because on the first day she (the Horse) chose me.

I’ve learnt a lot of new things with Chris and the horses. I have felt more confident and have made lots of new friends. You learn things about treating horses and caring about them which makes you feel really good to be giving back.

You learn how to bond with a horse become its friend and check its feet if they’re sore or just dirty and need a clean. You will learn how to horse float, round yard, check if it’s sore by checking for warm spots along his body and you may learn how to ride.

After doing the 6 week program, I loved it so much I asked to do my work experience at Horse Vision. I have also done the extension program and I am still out there doing work placement even though I have reached the hours I need to pass the unit. I feel really proud of what I have achieved.

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