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Bella´s Story …

Bella gently taught me, in the midst of her illness, that the horses I was using in my work were actually integral facilitators. On this page I will attempt to describe a little bit about her as an intricate co-creator of the work that has grown to become Horse Vision. 

Bella arrived on a bright, sunny autumn day, and immediately, she went into ‘model mode’. She stood with ears pricked and eyes bright, with the air of a princess, so my youngest daughter – then aged 10 – could take photos of her. She was a beautiful palomino with a golden mane and tail who was expecting her second foal. Little did I know that we would be embarking on a journey together. It wasn’t long before I realised what an ‘old soul’ she was. The learning, shifts in awareness, and the depths of communication we would have whenever I spent time with this amazing healer were incredible. 

Like many horses, one of Bella’s favourite things was food! That’s why I found one particular moment so unusual, and quite enlightening… It was when one of my neighbours brought her horse Tea Cup over to get some bodywork done. Bella was grazing quietly in the paddock nearby, but when the session started, she stopped eating and walked over to stand beside Tea Cup, she then proceeded to go into what looked like a trance-like state. I remember thinking “Meditate? A horse?” It was a very strange thing to witness. This went on throughout the entire session. Even Tea Cup – who usually would not stand still for anything – stood quietly, yawning, sighing and fully accepting all that was going on. At the end of the hour, Bella lifted her head, and then went back into the paddock and started to graze again. 

This was not the only time I witnessed behaviour of this sort from her. Bella taught me many lessons during her short but very powerful time with us. One of these was that, sometimes, we need a bridge between two worlds, whether that is between a horse and a person, or between two people. For Bella and I, this ‘bridge’ was the nodding or shaking of her head to communicate to me about whether or not she needed any painkillers during the year we spent treating her before she passed away. This behaviour was something she was never taught.  

Over the last year of her life with us, she taught me how subtle communicating could be; what deep listening is; and that there is a possibility for a relationship with another ‘being’ which goes beyond what I could ever have imagined. Bella also showed me that there is never just one way to deal with something and that every day and every situation in that day is new and needs a fresh approach. Bella was a healer and an amazing teacher. When I think of her, there is both a tear in my eye and a smile on my lips. 

Horse Vision

No horse experience needed – all interaction with horses is conducted on the ground.