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Equine Assisted : Supporting Youth (EASY)

Why is a learning program required? What is it you are hoping to achieve?

The students who complete the program become more confident in all aspects of their lives, at school, home and in the broader community. Our program can help students who have become disengaged, and can encourage them to attend school. Students who are having difficulties in relationships can also find new ways of dealing with these life issues. 

Here at Horse Vision, we are hoping to open pathways for students, so they can experience personal growth and improve their well-being. These personal developments can then lead to an increase in self-motivation and confidence, which could have a positive impact on the students’ lives.  

Education Endorsed Program

Western Australian

Education Department.


Target learner group: Students 14 – 18 years
Target learner characteristics: Students with disabilities, low self esteem, difficulty at home or school and of all ethnic groups.

Outcomes to be achieved

To promote personal growth and well being through:

Improved self confidence, more effective listening and communication skills.
Develop awareness of body signals, body language, thinking and boundaries.
Learn how to build trusting relationships and work effectively in a group or independently.
Students uncover their hidden strengths and resilience
Accessing creativity and intuition to find solutions to situations either as a group member or an individual
W.A.C.E mark for Year 12 Students

Dee Shade Youth Program CoOrdinator

Youth Program CoOrdinator

Geograph Training Busselton Senior High School


Seeing the enjoyment on our students’ faces when we are at Horse Vision and seeing their confidence and self-esteem grow is so rewarding. One of the most valuable parts of the program is not only seeing the positive changes in our students but also the opportunity it provides to build strong, respectful relationships between staff and students.
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