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Horse Vision Centre has provided high-quality, internationally recognised Horse Assisted Learning programs since 2002. Located in the south west of Western Australia.

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At Horse Vision we work with horses as co-facilitators to help people with their personal growth and learning.

We have found that people experience personal insights through the way horses respond to them and in turn the way individuals attempt to connect to these creatures. Horses not only guide us to understand social interaction, but also teach us to read body signals, and to stay present and focused. We do this through a variety of activities which build self awareness, an understanding of boundaries and body language, communication and listening skills. We also look at what it means to be present leaving the past behind and not projecting into the future.

People of all ages and backgrounds have attended the centre. Their ages range from 7 yrs to 86 yrs old. We also cater to organisations and businesses for Professional Development. We are located on a picturesque treed 30 acres of land 7 km from Busselton in the beautiful South West of Western Australia. This setting lends itself to being a non threatening venue where people can relax and learn new ways of responding to the world.

What is Equine (Horse) Assisted Learning?

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Equine Assisted Facilitator Training

Equine Assisted Facilitator Training

We are holding a 4 day Distance E.A.F training. 13-17th of April with 15th April as a break. Level 1 focuses on horse care, training and personal development Level 2 focuses on mind/body connecting, group work and working in a team Level 3 focuses on working with...

Parenting Program

Parenting Program

Parents/Carers are invited to enrol in 2 x FREE and Catered one day workshop; Developing an understanding of moods in relationship Understanding & interpreting body language Correlation between Mind/Body Listening and communication Horses have the ability to learn...

Switzerland Equine Assisted Learning Program

Switzerland Equine Assisted Learning Program

Worldwide Training Opportunities Our goal at Horsevision Equine Assisted Training is to ensure you have an extraordinary experience where ever you live. Our worldwide training opportunities offer placements in countries outside of where Horsevision is located. In ...

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No horse experience needed – all interaction with horses is conducted on the ground.