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Happy customers

Michael Brombacher

Teacher, Primary School Switzerland


“Thanks Chris for a great week working with your horses and with you. It was a fantastic experience for all four of us (my wife and my 2 sons).

For me as a primary school teacher, it was highly valuable to learn who to lead a horse without a lead and to reflect and compare it with the work with students in my classroom and with my own kids.

I highly recommend this course for every teacher or persons in leadership position. The work with the horses and specially the „family challenges“ in the Roundyard was fun, learning and very enriching for us as a family.
This week with you an your horses brought us closer together.”



Social Worker Sth Island New Zealand


“That weekend with you the team and the horses was easily the most fun (at times blissful) I’ve ever had with horses (“Mary 1 and 2″included); quite surprising really as personally I have never been a huge fan of horses”. Cheers Carl (Psychologist working with homeless youth Nth Island New Zealand).

My interaction with animals has altered so much so that I can be with and around horses. This has had a huge impact on me, my daughter and who I am in the world. There has been a huge shift in my confidence and clarity about what I want.

Thank your for your insights, support and the beautiful way that you be.”


Nichole Slevec

Program Manager, LAMP


“I am involved with the Horse Vision Centre as part of a partnership in my current position as Youth Program Manager at Lamp Inc. The program is incredibly beneficial not only for myself but also for the young people involved.

The program promotes confidence and resilience within participants and assists in the development of self esteem. Through our individual journeys we are able to discover what we were capable of and focus on what we can do rather than what we are unable to. We are provided the opportunity to participate in activities as we feel comfortable to do so, thus allowing increased self awareness without a pressured environment.

The activities are fun, exciting and relaxing, and at the end of each session are always reluctant to leave. Through the recognition of their own skills and abilities the young people involved are now making positive choices in their lives having a new found confidence to do so. The lessons learnt through the activities are transferrable to all areas of our lives encouraging us to grow and prosper. The development of relationships between participants and with the horses is positive, beneficial and practical.

The evaluations received at the conclusion of the programs have all been positive, with all participants stating that they would like to be involved again. I believe this program is incredibly beneficial for the young people but also provides an opportunity to learn a great deal about myself, my boundaries and confidence. I have learnt how to have a clear mind and remain positive.

The program has an overall healing affect allowing young people the opportunity to learn to love laugh and play again. The young people learn the benefits of being committed, reliable and consistent through the length of the course.

I look forward to further opportunities to participate in the program again, and feel that the activities could have a positive effect on a range of people.


Margareta & Sten Sweden

From Europa


“I found the seminar with you very rewarding. Mostly because you trusted everyone to find their own way. I found space to discover myself, based on important issues presented to me in a way that left me free to explore the inner answers. When I finally found myself dancing with the white Icelandic horse, I could explore how powerful a human being can be when being free – not wanting anything – but receiving everything. Thank you for the trust you trusted me with!
Astrid, Norway

We had a lovely time with Chris who really got us to relax. It was a precious time for reflection and to look deeper into yourself. It was also a time filled with laughter, play and wisdom together with the lovely horses. Both me and my husband felt something within had grown, developed into something, hard to pinpoint but a very nice feel. We love to meet with Chris again.
Best Regards from Per and Annnette
in Sweden.

“The week after the workshop I had great contact with my horse. The following week I moved him to a new stable and he got new friends in a bigger herd. He bonded very strongly to a particular young gelding. I was not very interesting for some days! But now we are slowly adjusting to the new place and learning to go out on our own and leaving his darling friend in the pasture. So, I feel it’s a great chance of finding an even deeper contact. I hope we’ll meet again in 2008!
Lena, Norway

Stan got some insights on how the descriptions of a person’s reality differs between context and between persons and I can see that this also has had influences on our relationship in a positive way until now. For me, I enjoyed the contemplation themes – they were brilliant in their simplicity. I also liked the playing in the field and was surprised of my body reactions to being led in the halter with the leading rope and my reaction to being let free! I enjoyed that!”



Busselton Western Australia


“I had the pleasure of having a session with Chris and one of her horses – Specks and have not stopped raving on about it.

I appreciated the experience on many levels. Personally it gave me feedback about myself and allowed me an opportunity to connect with a most amazing creature – Specks. I loved this so much because I didn’t have these experiences as a child. My sense of fun and freedom was allowed out by Chris and Specks holding a safe space for me. They gave me the time, attention and direction required for me to learn about Specks and how to interact with him. Together they held up a mirror so that I could see things about myself.

I don’t know anyone who couldn’t benefit from the programs that Chris and her four legged friends offer.

As a natural therapist and leadership and management consultant I would recommend Chris and her programs to families, people choosing to work on their relationships, business and corporate groups and any one choosing to advance personally or professionally. Thanks Chris, Specks and the herd.”


Horse Vision

No horse experience needed – all interaction with horses is conducted on the ground.