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Christine Scott is a facilitator of Equine Assisted Learning in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Horse Vision, developed here at The Centre, is a simple program which enables you to see yourself through the eyes of a horse. A horse responds to who we really are, not what we show externally. The program is based on a philosophy which takes you beyond technique to a deeper understanding, experienced from a feeling basis.

Come “re-awaken your childhood wisdom and love of life” and discover how you can reconnect your mind, body and soul through exercises that heighten awareness. Leave preconceived ideas behind, expect the unexpected, and most of all, come and have some FUN!!!

Let us and our horses at Horse Vision be your guides back to an enjoyable life with a strong sense of self, connecting with your intuitive and creative side.

The mystical nature of horses has been at the centre of many well-being experiences had by our visitors. The horses provide healing for mind and body and challenge our ability to go beyond our physical senses into the realm of the intuitive.


The structure of Chris’s courses promotes well-being in people by freeing them of the perception that their thoughts represent the only possibilities that are out there for them.This can be a transforming experience for people who are caught up in their thoughts.

i would have no  hesitation in recommending Chris’s courses to anyone who is interested.

Jennifer (Perth Western Australia)
I never fail to be amazed at how my at how different my experience is with the horses each time I come down to Chris’s place for a workshop.  The connection with the horses is so special but the learning – especially the ‘unexpected’ – that comes from that is absolutely priceless.  Truths emerge that change your ‘interpretations’ and therefore, your life … and all while having a heap of FUN with these fabulous animals and a terrific facilitator, in Chris.
Rochelle (Perth Western Australia)
Thank you, Chris, for introducing such practical and simple concepts into my life – and to many others who have participated in the programs.  I only hope that you can expand on what you have started so that more people can benefit from these programs.
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No horse experience needed – all interaction with horses is conducted on the ground.