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Mr. Darcy

The leader of our little herd is Darcy.

Birthday – August 10th, 2006

Interests: Eating grass, hay, carrots… The occasional halter, rug or leather strap… I also love being groomed and nuzzling participants necks. I am a gentleman, Mr. Darcy!  

The leader of our little herd is Darcy; an elegant, chocolate-brown Standardbred with a big heart. This sensitive character prefers the companionship of humans, often choosing to leave the other horses and wait at the gate until we come and let him out. He is the perfect horse to quietly hang out with on a lazy afternoon, as he loves to be brushed for hours on end. 

Darcy sometimes takes a while to process what we ask him, as he nervously considers the possibilities. However, in the end he will always try his best to do what you ask. After working with a gentle horse such as Darcy; you learn how to be kind and patient, and how to ask without pressure. 

When he is confronted with a race in the paddock however, Darcy does not hesitate. He leaves the other horses for dead, his long legs carrying him off into the distance at a flat-out gallop. 

Horse Vision

No horse experience needed – all interaction with horses is conducted on the ground.