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The first question to address is why do we ask horses to teach us leadership, team building and communication skills?
We have found that people experience personal insights through the way horses respond to them and in turn the way individuals attempt to connect to these creatures. Horses not only guide us to understand the invisible forces and energies that affect social interaction, but also teach us to better understand body signals, and to stay present and focused.

Why Horses?

Our Horses

Horses – The ulitmate Team


Bella the co founder of Horse Vision.  She is the reason we are here today.


Aida is known for her gentle nickers and horsey hugs.

Mr. Darcy

Darcy is always the to first at the gate wanting to come out and spend time with his favorite people. He teaches calmness and patience.


Cheeky Specks.  We never quite know what he will get up to next.


Welcome to Bonnie or ‘Bonski’, the newest member to our team.


Guinness is the senior member of our team. A reliable gentle fellow who does everything in “Guinness Time”

Who are the horses involved in the program?

The horses who find a job at the Centre are horses that no longer have a use in the traditional sense. Sometimes they come from lives of both emotional and physical abuse. These horses usually have high needs. We find when the participants focus goes away from themselves to another individual ,the horse, something seems to change for the person. They make changes or see things differently as they need to do this to help the horse. They find clarity, calmness, become more present, more aware of body language both theirs and the horses, and find trust. These things need to occur to build a relationship with the horse. Horses see through us to who we really are and reflect the image back to us. They then take us on a journey to rediscover ourselves. Here people help horses and help themselves in the process.

Horse Vision

No horse experience needed – all interaction with horses is conducted on the ground.