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He almost has a smile in the corner of his mouth.

Birthday – August 1st 2001

Interests: Eating … Small ponies and kids … That’s ‘eating grass and chaff’ not ‘eating small ponies and kids’!

If I wasn’t a horse, I’d be a … Judge on Master Chef! … Of course! 

When Specks peaks around from behind a tree, you immediately know he is up to something.  He almost has a smile in the corner of his mouth. Specks has helped many people to find a sense of play in their lives once again, as he seems to have found a box of keys that unlock the child within us all. 

Specks holds no grudges for what has gone before in his life, but instead enjoys his new job at the Horse Vision Centre. People at the centre massage him, drum for him, dance and meditate with him – he is in horse heaven. And yes, the payment he gets for all this hard work is food, so how much better can life get? 

Yes, his middle could maybe be trimmed up a little, but he loves food too much!  His name is Specks because he has beautiful copper and gold highlights in his mane and tail, and blonde flecks over his entire body – all without the help of a hairdresser. 

Specks has taught visitors to Horse Vision many lessons, such as how to enjoy what is, where your boundaries are, how to play, and how if you are not clear with him then he will just do it his way! 


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