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Freedom Beyond Technique

Developing new ways.

The term ‘freedom beyond technique’ can be used to describe someone developing a program or way of being with a horse that is their very own. 

When Freedom Beyond Technique is used it creates a very personalised program, that has been developed through intuition and feelings. This program facilitates the relationship that you have with your horse and is aimed at developing new ways for you to enjoy your equine experience. Here at Horse Vision, our Freedom Beyond Technique program focuses on participants gaining more confidence, letting go of fears and overcoming obstacles that have been holding them back. It is a flexible program that comes to life moment to moment, depending on the needs of the group or the individual. 

Through activities based on developing listening and connection skills, our program can unlock the creative, intuitive, fun-loving person inside of everyone. We also include group discussion, sharing and contemplation in order to enhance this process. Horse Vision is a place where we help people and horses feel accepted and at ease. Every participant can feel free to explore their thoughts and imaginations, not with judgment, but with joy, laughter and encouragement. 

Trust in yourself, stay true to yourself and develop an equine program that is right for you and your equine companions. 

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