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Hello, my name is Chris Scott

The Horse Vision program is a culmination of all that has gone before in my life. It began to take shape some 14 years ago and continues to evolve, shift and expand as new horses and people come into my life.  Horse Vision is an ongoing journey; it is my dream that it will continue well after I am gone.

The Horse Vision Program became a concept in 2002. While I was working as a Therapist, doing Group-Work, and also as a horse riding instructor, I began teaching one of the participants from Group-Work to ride. The changes that resulted for that individual were so dramatic that I decided to combine my two jobs into one. Hence, the birth of Horse Vision.

Horses helping people

Over the next 14 years, the program evolved into what we offer today.

Several horses and people have been key guides and teachers on this journey, especially Bella and Guinness. In the early years, I facilitated Horse Vision workshops in Sweden, Germany, The UK and New Zealand. Whilst in these countries, I also attended intensive workshops in Denmark, Finland & the UK to hone my skills and to expand my knowledge, both the horsemanship and in learning more about Equine Assisted Learning. The personal growth that results from this is a life-long journey for me.

The Horse Vision Centre was borne out of a desire to share, with others, an amazing duo of philosophy and experience. This is a place of peace and acceptance where we love to share a passion for horses and an enjoyment of life … Hence, my desire that those who come here (both horse and human) enjoy the experience as much as I do.

We have just moved to a new location in Vasse and are in the process of expanding what we offer. We are very excited about this new phase of our program. We welcome you to experience it …

Coaching with Horses FAQ’s

Will i be riding?

No. All of the work is done on the ground with a horse, or horses present, but not being ridden.

what if i am sort of afraid of horses?

That is completely okay. A healthy respect for such a large animal is to be expected. We can work through your fears, if you are drawn to move beyond them and discover what the horses have to tell you.


what should i wear?

Jeans, and comfortable layers are ideal. Boots or CLOSED TOED shoes are required.

Horse Vision

No horse experience needed – all interaction with horses is conducted on the ground.